Intro Hello from Shashank A.K.A (HurtLocker)

    • Interests: Passionate about game development and coding in java. Participated in ImagineCup17 and created a game with the help of unity and blender. I am fairly new to open source development but I want to learn and help this organization to hone my coding capabilities. I am also interested in AI and still learning it.
    • Extra: I have set up the development environment. I'm going through the codebase and finding the appropriate GSOC issue I'll be able to work on. I'll be glad if someone will be able to suggest something based on my skill set.


Hya Hurtlocker!

From what you say it seems like you've already gone through the basics and such; As far as possible projects for GSoC, this would be a good point to look at. Kinda contains all types of ideas that people around here came up with. It should shed some light on the type of stuff that isn't implemented yet. When choosing a project, also take into account the number of people that might also take on the same one. Confident in your abilities? -> Go for anything :D

That's where community comes in. You should totally check out the IRC on #terasology, ask some questions around, see who's working on what and all that. If you have any questions, do not refrain from asking!
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