Intro Hello from Valencia!


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  • Complete name: Alejandro Fuster Baggetto
  • Found via: GSOC page
  • Studies: Studying computer science degree in Universidad politéctica de Valencia (UPV).
  • Interests: I'm interested in programming, videogames, AI and computing.
  • Programming languages: Java was the first language I learnt. I have a high level of java. I also have a good level in c, c++, c#, python, javascript, haskell, sql, prolog, Jason, clips, MIPS R2000, octave and Wolfram Mathematica.
  • Tools: In the case of java, I have worked with eclipse, netbeans and IntelliJ idea. I also have experience with github in intelliJ.
  • Videogames: I'm playing and enjoying videogames (specially open world ones) since I was 10 years old. Now I am 21 and I still love them. In fact, I know videogame programming with libgdx and Unity
  • AI and procedural generaton: In my university, I'm specializing in computing and artificial intelligence. I I'm really interested in this areas and also in their application to videogames like agent-based simulation or procedural generation. I also have the knowledge required for developing these tasks (AI, agent programming, cellular automata, linear algebra, simplex algorithm and optimisation techniques, mathematical analysis, physics, etc)


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Hi @Alexfuster and welcome :)

First of all - the competition for getting into GSoC here is very hard (we have many students applying for relatively few spots) you might want to consider applications at other organizations for this year's summer of code. Moreover, the proposal draft phase has already started, so you should hurry up and get your hands on the code. We have a quick start guide for setting up your local copy of Terasology and running from source. Make sure to ask questions here or on our IRC channel if you run into any problems.

If GSoC is not that important for you we would like to welcome you as a contributor here anyways. There are some bounties on our GitHub issues. To get started, have a look at the contributor friendly issues.