Intro Hello, this is fortiseven


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  • Name: Forto/fortiseven/47
  • Social: This is my git
  • From: I am 24, I study IT in Paris
  • Skills / Tools: I mainly use Java, though I've used other languages before, like Python, C, C++, OCaml, PHP, CSS/HTML, NodeJS, MySQL, PSQLand learned how Symfony and ElasticSearch work.
  • Found via: A friend brought me here actually. I wanted to start contributing to a project, and he suggested me to start here. This game looks interesting and has active contributors, so it might become interesting to me.
  • Interests: Well, I like playing video games, this one looks cool to me. I want to start with a translation of the game(which I've already done, but isn't detected for some reason), then I'll see.
  • Extra: I love football, and I want Ajax to win the champion's league.


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Welcome! Is your friend somebody we'd know? :)

Have you set up to run from source yet? Any outstanding questions?

I do remember seeing a translation PR or two roll in. Hopefully soon we'll figure out some better translation website again :thumbsup: