Intro Hello World!

  • Name: Bernice Chen
  • From: Living in the United States
  • Skills / Tools: I know that programming is something I want to do in the future, but I'm still a beginner. I haven't really dabbled in much other than code learning websites by myself like Codecademy or Code-Avengers. Through those, I've learned JavaScript and a little bit of HTML/CSS and Python. I also went to a summer camp where I learned to mod Minecraft in Eclipse with Java, and in middle school I was part of a programming club where we worked Arduino Lilypad, 3D printers, and Game Salad. I've never experimented with open-source stuff before either.
  • Found via: Google Code-In (it's my first year and I have no idea what I'm doing - never done open source before and I'm very much confused :unsure:)
  • Interests: I love playing video games, although I only have a few, like Minecraft, which is why I was interested in Terasology. I've done a bit of Minecraft modding, so I'm interested to see how Terasology is similar and different to Minecraft.
    As for what I'm interested in working on, since I'm a newbie to open-source and not that experienced in coding, I probably won't be able to help with those areas as much; only probably programming or algorithms that aren't too advanced. With graphics I won't be much of a help except maybe with GUIs (like in Minecraft). However, I think I can help on things like storyline or dialogue writing (for NPCs or quests, if there are any), and I do want to learn more about the AI and machine learning part of Terasology, since I think that it's very interesting. There might be a few other things here and there but that's all I can think of right now :)
  • Extra: Honestly, even though I don't know much about open-source, I love the idea of combining elements from several different types of games into one, especially a sandbox game like Minecraft into RPG-like games. Even if I don't make many contributions to Terasology, I'm definitely going to keep track of its progress and play it in the future if possible.


Nice introduction and welcome.
Feel free to join the chat anytime, there are always some people in reach who can help out if something is confusing or overwhelming ;)