Intro Hello!

  • Name: Diana Causevic
  • Social: Best way to reach me is through email:
  • From: Born and raised in Chicago IL, USA
  • Skills / Tools: _I have dabbled in Unreal Engine and Unity and even taught high school students to use Unity for a small game jam their school hosted (the team I mentored won). Java is my strongest language however I do have experience with others (python, C, Csharp, etc) and often develop small independent projects ( I am an undergraduate Computer Science student). I published a website recently and create advertisements, pamphlets, plaques, etc. (This is as far as my graphic design knowledge goes). Also I played minecraft pretty obsessively and often modded it myself haha. I use BlueJ, IntelliJ, Android Studio, and Brackets but I am open to learning more.
  • Found via: Through the GSoC
  • Interests: I have always loved gaming and developing games. To work on a game that would allow the player's imagination run wild would be incredible to me. Thinking of my contribution having that effect on creative individuals would feel unreal and amazing. I would not mind working on anything specifically but I think the most interesting to me would be adding images to games saves and Android/OUYA compatibility.
  • Extra: I am very flexible. Whatever I do not know I will learn quickly and I adapt easily to new situations. I am innovative and strong-willed. Currently, on top of owning and running a martial arts school, I also attend university 18 hours a week and work as a data analyst from home (Don't worry, I will be much less busy during the summer!). These are just a few examples of my responsibility and reliability.
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Hey there Diana and welcome to the forums!

Any type of game development prior will certainly help with this project. Even more so if you've used an entity system before. We use intelliJ, so setting the workspace up and running the source should be a good first step.

Do you plan on getting a proposal in for GSoC? Maybe here just for the pure game developing goodness? Either way, you'll find some pretty interesting ideas on the wiki. You can start looking through the code-base, check out how stuff works, maybe create a block or two, and only then choose what you'd like to do, or you could dive head first into a single idea, think that through and develop it really well. Maybe even re-create something from minecraft? Only time will tell :)

Don't shy away from the other people working on the project though! We do have a #terasology IRC channel; It's usually populated at any time of day; Some leave their clients open, some have a tab with it, some just like to see the chat? Dunno, but the thing is, that's a place where you can ask questions related to the game and have them answered within moments (please observe that I didn't mention how many moments; assuming a moment = 0.1 seconds, and that we use the Heroes3 method of telling you the number of moments, worst case scenario would be zounds -> there will eventually be an answer :p )
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Hi! Thanks for the quick response!

I have been exploring the code a bit already so I am all set up and ready to go.

I am submitting a proposal for GSoC and will definitely be checking out the wiki. Very excited to start brainstorming!

I've joined the channel but I am a bit shy so I haven't spoken in it yet. I'll try to get out there and introduce myself!


Org Co-Founder & Project Lead
Hi @Diana Causevic and welcome :)

It might be tricky to win a spot when starting this late, but even if you don't get a GSOC slot you're welcome to stay around, we're a nice bunch and might put some non-GSOC code bounties on ideas that don't get picked.

I've looked at your proposal and it is still a bit thin on detail. You can check out a bunch of samples of winning proposals from the past here. Probably live chat is best for more feedback especially this late. IRC is friendly just pop on and ask if a mentor is around. You can still chat in private with said mentor if you'd rather :)

Forum convos are fine as well but it is harder to guess how long that might take between replies and there are only a couple more days left before the proposal deadline.