Intro Hey! Divyanshu Here


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  • name - Divyanshu Raj
  • social -
  • from - INDIA
  • skills - js , node.js , React , express , game development , gatsby , python , unit and integrated testing , ci/d
  • found via - GSOC 20 orgs
  • interested - i would like to work on ModuleSite , a port of official main website


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Hi Divyanshu and welcome!
As you already joined our Discord Server you already know that most of our communication takes place there :)
Feel free to look around, make yourself familiar with everything and ask questions if something is unclear ;)


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Hello endurance21 and welcome aboard! May i ask? Can you join discord server, i cant find you :c . I will be really glad to ask a few questions about you and Indian developers! :c
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