Intro Hey, this is Vishwaak


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  • Name: Vishwaak Chandran (Xerous)
  • Social: GitHub:
  • From: India
  • Skills / Tools: I have a good understanding with Python, Java, C++, and C and also Web Development to Spice up stuff. UI/UX have a good grip in concepts and in implementation.
  • Interests: I was interested in open source contribution and Minecraft is one of my favorite game and Moving Blocks implementing the same concept that's all I need to fall in love with the code.
  • Extra: I am an open source enthusiast and always wanted to work on open source projects. I have been following this community for quite a few months and it gets interesting day by day.


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Nice to know a bit more about you.
Open source enthusiasts and minecraft fans are always welcome here :D

Look forward to seeing more of you around