Intro Hi everyone!


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Hey! I've been hanging on IRC for quite a while now so thought I would post an introduction here :)
  • Name: Isaac
  • Social: You might have seen me on IRC as iojw. I'm iojw on Github as well!
  • From: Singapore
  • Skills / Tools: Mainly coding, not that great with design. I'm pretty comfortable with Python, C++ and Java (mostly with Android so far).
  • Found via: Found it through Google Code-in, but I strangely have this distant memory of visiting the Terasology site a few years ago
  • Interests: Haven't really worked on a game this big before (I made a pong game before if that counts). I'm pretty open to working on anything but I think I might focus more on the coding tasks. Looking to take up some of the more advanced ones and just contribute as much and learn as much as I can!
  • Extra: I've been wanting to get into open-source development for a while but didn't really know where to start, so I'm glad for this opportunity. The community seems really nice so I think I might continue to work on this after GCI :D
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