Intro Hi from Rajat!

Name: Rajat Jain
Description: Hey Guys! I'm an IT and minecraft enthusiast who loves to work on code (And I never thought I'll combine these two together!). I'm currently the owner of one of the largest fan-communities on minecraft with 200,000 members and a great following, plus I'm an expert at Java with both teaching and professional experience. I'm currently working on various AI-based projects and am researching on various intelligence based learning techniques in AI.
CGPA: 9.97 (current)
Pursuing - B.E Computer Science at BITS, Pilani. One of the best technical institutes in India.
Skills/Tools: Android Development, Bot Development, Java, Cryptography, Scala, Python, C, C++, Visual Basic, MATLAB, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS. I'm also great at marketing products and designing presentations/documentations for a product.
Found Via: GSOC 2017
Interests: As I've already mentioned, I've been in Mincraft circles for a long time, and aim to enhance the game by developing AI based NPCs (villagers, zombies etc.) and an inherent random story line based on factions and NPCs which will be different for different players. (I can tell you guys more about the idea on the IRC).
Extra: Some of my achievements in the last month (Feb 2017) are -
  • I won the Microsoft 2017 on-campus (One of the toughest tech-events, held only in top 15 univs in India) and have been selected for the national round to be held at Microsoft India Headquarters.
  • I've also been selected for the nationals for Smart India Hackathon a.k.a the largest hackathon in the world. My team was shortlisted from 10000+ applications throughout India.
  • I'm a Microsoft Student Partner with an all-access to Microsoft services.

And yeah, I'm particularly keen on getting in touch with you guys since we'll form a great team! :)
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Nice community! That's a lot of people :)

Based on your interests note I take it you're curious to do an exploration / content world then? Hop on IRC any time, there is usually somebody around. Hang around for a while if not and somebody will be!

Have you set up to run the game from source yet?

If you're curious about learning AIs check out OpenNARS - we have some contact with them and there is interest to apply one of their learning agents to Terasology sometime (maybe even this summer). They're also on Freenode IRC in #nars