Contributor Hi! I'm Kinshuk


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  • Name: Kinshuk Kashyap
  • Social: Github: kinshukk (double k); IRC: kinshuk
  • From: India
  • Skills / Tools: Comfortable with Python and C++. A bit of Java.
  • Found via: Was looking for interesting organizations on the GSoC page and woah open source Minecraft? Gotta give it a try!
  • Interests: Huge Minecraft fan :)
    About Terasology, I'm interested in the terrain generation stuff. As with gamedev in general, I participated(and won!) GCI with CopyleftGames in 2015-16. I did a little work with OpenGL but won't consider myself anywhere near competent.
  • Extra: Have a bit of experience in competitive programming(algorithmic problem solving). Used to be an avid gamer, but then college came along.


Org Co-Founder & Project Lead
Welcome @kinshuk ! Grats on winning at GCI already, sweet. Terrain generation could badly use you! We still haven't re-implemented overhangs and some of the other fun details in the main Perlin worldgen. That would be a really nice pre-GSOC mini project if you're up for it. ShatteredPlanes (live on the event server right now) can make some gorgeous rifts with floating islands, but even the regular world should be full of cool features like that :)