Intro Hi, Im Lim Ta Eu

Name: Lim Ta Eu
Social: Github, FaceBook
From: Singapore, currently im a Year 3 Computer Science student in National University of Singapore
Found Via: GSoc

Skills: VR(Vive, Oculus - DK2 DK1), Unreal, Unity, OpenGL, Java, C++, Swift, Python
I have been making games for 5 years and I am currently working on a First Person Zombie game for the HTC Vive. I mainly focuses on VR weapons, procedural animation and optimization for VR (rendering, lighting, LOD) as the Vive requires to run on 90FPS to get the best experience. If u wan to know more, u can take a look at some video gameplays from my portfolio.

Interest: I am very keen to work on Player Avatar, Camera Component and Virtual Reality (I have Vive and Oculus).

Extra: I am pretty amazed on how modular the entity, component and system is and would love to learn more while working on this project! I want to help to modularize the Camera Component as I am inspired by unreal camera system. As I have both Vive and Oculus, I can implement an archery gameplay for Terasology too. Now im deciding which project I should go for, what do u think?

Pull Request: I have set up the development environment and made a PR - LightSabre in Equipment module
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Hello and welcome, good to see the intro post of yours :)

It was nice talking to you on IRC today, although my time was quite limited... Was happy to see the PR to equipment module pop up :)


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Welcome @limtaeu :)

You're just about too late for GSOC, while declaring a wide array of interests - it would be difficult starting at the point of considering which to pick at this point (proposals are due in less than 24 hours)

I don't think there is a solid VR gameplay proposal yet, you might start on one if for no other reason to get the experience of the system and proposal writing in advance of GSOC next year, as well as to maybe consider the option of working on the topic outside of GSOC if we don't end up with a VR item at all. That might leave some "idle" mentor capacity that could help you work on something like it, for learning things and maybe landing some code bounties. At this point gameplay might rely on some sort of VR-friendly controller as well, like the Vive motion controllers or the Oculus Touch.
Hi @Skaldarnar, @Cervator, nice to meet both of u, sry that I appear quite late, I just know about GSoC 5 days ago! I hope that proposal is enough to convince u that I am committed to this project as I am very keen to learn about building an open source project and community.