Contributor Hi, I'm Maximetinu and this summer I'm gonna make a zoo!


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Hi all! I've been here for a while now. It's time to introduce myself :)
  • Name: Miguel (Maximetinu) Medina Ballesteros
  • Social: My Github. @Maximetinu in IRC, Discord and all over the net.
  • From: Granada (Spain). I've also been studying at Florence (Italy) for a year.
  • Skills / Tools: I’m experienced with Java and C#, gameplay programming with Unity and Unreal Engine (2 years), game design and project management. Experienced in web development and visual design too. Also familiarized with GNU/Linux and tools like git, trello, waffle, hacknplan, etc.
  • Found via: Google Summer of Code.
  • Interests: I have played videogames since I was a child. But at some point, because of college and social life, suddenly I didn't have the time to play them. What to do? Create them! I love storytelling and experimental games, and my aim is to simply release my creativity by working together with brilliant minds which I can learn from. My main interest about Terasology is to dive into open source for the first time. I've been around the open source world for a long time (damned archlinux for years, ahem...), but I've never contribute significantly actually. To tell the truth, that's what drives me the most about GSoC.
  • Extra: I've already shared a proposal draft, any feedback would be appreciated!


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Nice to see the intro! Great proposal as well. Looking forward to seeing more :)

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