Intro Hi there, I'm David


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  • Name: Dave2S
  • Social: Git & Discord: dave2s
  • From: Czech Republic. Currently I am a student of Computer Graphics and Multimedia masters program at the Faculty of Information Technology, Brno University of Technology.
  • Skills / Tools: Recently Active: C, Java, Python, Shell; -- New to/Passive: OpenGL/SDL/C++,C#, OpenCV, Jenkins, SQL, JDBC, X11 etc.
  • Found via: GSoC 2018 (I'm not applying)
  • Interests: MovingBlocks caught my interest for three main reasons. First of all, the skills/technologies required matched my interest, field of study and experience. Second of all, the proposed issues seem more interesting to me than other projects'. Lastly, I spent quite some time playing both similar (MC's FeedTheBeast mods, FasterThanLight, Galaxy on Fire mobile series, etc. ) and other games (all kind) and I've always been interested to dig into game engine internals but I never found a good oportunity to start at this level. I have not yet contributed to any open source project either. My only game dev experience would be a little java project implementing the Othello desk game at Uni.
    I'm not running for GSoC 2018 since I simply don't have enough free time. I would still like to become a contributor, however.
  • Extra: I've work experience as a Java SW Automation Tester ( 15 months, so Java and Git on a bigger scale don't scare me so much now :)). I did a research on Video Image restoration using Convolutional Neural Networks as my thesis, which is kind of a offtopic, but explains some of my skills' items and is a good experience on implementing stuff based on scientific papers. I love the fact that actual research is much more accessible today and there is so much to read about and do on your own!
I know you've got full hands of proposals and mentoring to do, but I felt like I should write a little intro anyway since I've been already talking to some of you via communication channels for a few weeks as I've been getting familiar with TS/DS things in private.
Currently I'm leaning towards DS since there is not so much going on during these busy days and I've got excited over battle music implementation (wip). Before that I did try to look at TS's issue #3280 ( which helped me to get familiar with ECS by reading the git hub wiki,metaterasology site and the code) alas to no avail yet -- though i've not run out of ideas still. I might cry for help at the com. channels later :p.

Also, good luck to all GSoC applicants if any one of you happens to stumble upon this post.


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Hey there, good to see a forum intro to put with the Discord discussions! Now with an intro thread I can add you to my notes ... hmm .. *flips through papers* ... it says here you have a burning desire to become a mentor? That's interesting, and totally not something I wrote on my finger that I then end up holding on the front of the paper, in permanent ink with the intent to pull that trick on everybody. Totally.

Test automation? That's cool and useful, certainly something we need to put some more effort into :)

FTL was part inspiration for the Metal Renegades concept. One idea was that you'd travel from town to town via railroad, much like how you would jump forward (usually) in FTL with a new event triggering each new town/system.

For DestSol there is so much that can be done now, especially since we just got through some major PRs. Admittedly if it gets a GSOC slot then there'll be more major architectural changes in the near future.

Shout any time! Or, you know, volunteer to mentor or something but I dunno ... *kicks pebble with hands in pockets with a downcast look*