Contributor Hi! Visan here!


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  • Name:Costin Visan
  • Social: @costinvisan on github, Visan on discord
  • From: I am from Romania
  • Skills / Tools: C/C++, Java, Javascript, Golang, I competed to some hackathons. I was in the first 10% this year at hashcode. I really love math and algorithms. Related to game development i have no past, but I would really like to learn.
  • Found via: GSOC 2018
  • Interests: First of all I really wanna learn how to work in a big project and how should I code so others can understand what I did. I want to help Terasology to improve more and build a really nice module on which you can build and develop a lot of others nicely and crazy things(something really custom).
  • Extra: Bachelor of computer science, year 2


Hashcode? So, fast algorithms? Some parts of our project could really use that :p Anyways, welcome here and good luck!