I'm a Sound Designer / Graphic Designer

Hi I'm a professional musician and a song writer I write for TV and Film I've always been a huge fan of indie games and I'm interested in writing for them.

Not sure where the center for the the game dev community is but, reply on here or email me via my website if you would like me to work with you.

I'm not a kid, I'm an adult with children and I run a graphic design company in the UK. This game looks cool and I'd like to support it if possible.

contact me via my company www.wearebananatree.co.uk

Here is a link to some quick ideas I had, these aren't a reflection of what I would like to create these are rough.

All the best


Project Lead and Community Wizard
Welcome! Nice site and nice indie music :)

Probably most the organizing around dev happens in this forum and on IRC. We fish ideas and volunteers out of the Steam discussions too.

We just had a nice 4-piece soundtrack contributed which should be added to the game within a week or two. When we get it online and published maybe that could be a source of inspiration for making more pieces in a similar style (sort of dark sci-fi) ? I know the author, NeonInsect, stays busy with regular work so he might not get a chance to add more pieces.

We're also beginning to work on a list of SFX we need for Terasology and at some point new stuff for DestSol as well. Any interest in that sort of audio work or mainly just music?

If you'd like to contribute web design work that's needed too. We have a nice splash site for Terasology and would like to do something similar for DestSol, likewise hosted as a GitHub Page (to shield our own web server a bit)