Suggested I'm Feeling Thirsty - WorldGen review

Arpit Kamboj

New Member
This is a pretty unique concept and I really like this world generator. It was developed by Nicholas Bates during Google Code-In 2017. It represents the true need present for water and encourages one to think about all the problems that we would face in its absence.

Some of its features :
  • The lava flowing from the sky looks cool. The lava block has a flowing animation that looks nice and works perfectly.
  • Water is present in glass containers and you need to break the glass and hurt yourself (not actually) to get the water.
  • There are dead trees present all around which died due to the absence of water. They match perfectly with the overall theme.
  • The lava rivers also look cool.
The world is absolutely fine but there could some improvements like a decrease in health on prolonged contact to lava (currently an engine limitation). The color of the stones could be made a little darker to make the color scheme more realistic. Other than that it looks amazing and I hope some more development in the engine could make it even better.

Here are some screenshots of the world :

Screenshot (216).png

Screenshot (220).png

Screenshot (221).png

Screenshot (217).png