Intro I'm officially in the club: D

  • Name: Stefano Peris, nickname {TechnoPrometheus}
  • Social:
  • From: I'm Italian, my city is Rome, I am passionate about technology since 1984, the Commodore C-64 was my first computer. I never stopped studying, and put all my enthusiasm and my passion, to improve my knowledge.
  • Skills / Tools: I'm not a programmer, but over the years, I taught myself by reading code from other projects, and studying guides, books, and generic documentation, the main secrets of procedural programming, and object-oriented. I have good basic knowledge of Java, Python languages. Using HTML5 and web technologies, for personal use. Good experience of graphics software, Blender, Gimp, MagicaVoxel, MyPaint, LibreCAD, voxel style pixel art. Good knowledge of Windows operating systems, and Linux / Unix based, Debian, and derivatives, Fedora and derived, also use Arch Linux, and derivative (Manjaro Linux). I know the Bash language, and I have made an excellent post-installation script for Ubuntu, with those programs useful libraries, and automatic installation via PPA Atom text editor, and other useful editor that I use a lot, as well as Oracle JDK 8 and the default setting (with complete replacement to Open Java, of course).
  • Found via: I do a lot of research, and years ago, I found BlockMania, an incredible engine written in Java + jlwgl, which used an engine of amazing physics, and a rendering engine that struck my heart. The "Begla" I've never forgotten! was very nice to me, answered all my questions, he is a person with great talent. Unfortunately I had (and I have), the ability to develop a project as complex, but fortunately the dear Cervator had the bright idea of taking BlockMania, and bring it back to life. Thanks Cervator, with all my heart. Terasology is the maximum technological expression of art, it is innovative, organized and flawlessly! Java has never been so easy to read, and edit swear!
  • Interests: technology, design, graphic art, reading technical texts to improve my knowledge.
  • Extra: I'm an artist, but I'm not normal, I warned you!