[Jan 3, 2013] World Gen Meeting (Skype (likely), IRC (coordination only))


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This is more of a workgroup meeting for the World team and likely to use voice chat (probably Skype) rather than an open thing on IRC, but I thought I'd post an official event in case somebody with an interest isn't aware of the plan already, as well as a thread for any follow-up notes :)

Main topics revolve around integrating the tectonic world gen (PlaTec) simulator from Laurimann into Terasology via heightmap based worlds and other related world gen stuff. Nym Traveel will run the meeting as world lead (and I'll be at work, but may make it on to at least IRC or even voice to just listen) so be sure to hop on IRC early to catch any coordination for voice chat (may be harder to add people after it begins)

Nym Traveel

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I could be 5 min late, but unlikely. You can add me in skype on advance, my forumname, uncapitalised and without blank :)