LibGDX and Entity system tutorial series on YouTube

Marcin Sciesinski

Code ALL the Ages!
I've just finished episode 20 of my "Let's Make a Game - Platformer" YouTube series, where I go through all the coding required to write a game using LibGDX and Entity system libraries, as well as my own library containing some reusable code (open source).

I think this is a good introduction to game development, as well as to learn something about Entity systems.

New episodes are available at 4:00pm PST every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with some extra episodes on other days, if I do any refactoring only.

As of now, there are 13 episodes available on YouTube, but already 7 more episodes are scheduled and waiting (up to August 5th). You can see a teaser on what is to come in the following demo recorded after Episode 20 was finished, as well as browse and run the code yourself - available on GitHub (check my channel for link).

The demo after Episode 20 is available here:

The playlist itself is available here: