[LoT] Land of Terra, Rogue-like gamemode.


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Land OF Terra is Module pack which goal is create Roque-like rpg game experience. It draws inspiration from Dungeons & Dragons, Nethack, Slash'em, Dwarf fortress, Diablo, Skyrim, Tales of Maj'Eyal,minecraft and its hundreds of different mods. Idea is create Multidimensional open and dynamic fantasy world whit beautiful graphics like Skyrim has, where just exploring itself is satisfying. While game won't have ultimate goal expect surviving if you are player. world will be populated whit dungeons, villages and such in style of dwarf forest. World will have much of different creatures of which some will be heavily over powered and some plain weird in style of nethack. Creatures will each have their of unique Most objects in game will also be destructible and can be created by act of crafting. While crafting will be necessary for surviving, most of things can also be obtained by merchandize or looting dungeons. This all should create game play where you need to use your brains, think before acting and use strategies in order to survive.
World will have it of setting and background story. World will have clear rules of “physics”, but these rules will be extended whit concept of Thauma(more cool name for magic) to allow phenomenons that don't exist in Real life. Thauma will be clearly defined to define rules how it works. Every thing that happens in game world will follow rules of “physics”(same as real life) and rules of Thauma. Tough to make game play fun and enjoyable Differences to reality will be created whit defining rules to Thauma. Example: creatures don't die from sword hit to vital organ(if creature is “strong” enough and attacker “weak” enough) due rules of Thauma(which needs to be defined).

Current Version: Pre Alpha 0.01

Dynamic Multidimensional open world.
Crafting whit grand and long tech tree
Heavily penalized death(Can be configured how penalized or even permadeath if wanted so)
Stats(Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Thaumaticy, Willpower, Perception, Charisma, Luck)
Skills whit skill trees (like crafting, ranged weapons, necromancy...)
Perks (like water breathing, hard skin. Learned or birth modifiers)
Different play modes, in same world(Creative, Adventurer(survival whit invite lives), permadeath, quick play)
Alignment(modified from D&D)

Alpha 0.02
-Custom terrain generator using Modules: BoundlessWorld module, Growing flora, Plant pack [esa-petri]

Alpha 0.05:
-Import Minecraft style player model in game [nobody]
model is on art forum in minecraft style

Alpha 0.20:
-Fire module [Nobody]
Module that simulates fire, burns blocks that are marked to be burnable. I am not sure what is wiset way to do this, as we don’t want every burnable thing to be entity. And burns(first damages then on dead replaces whit ash or coal) entities that have burnable component. Spreads all around in some sensible cpu friendly way turning ground in burned ground.
-Port Inventory crafting from WaS [Nobody]
to enable crafting stuff without crafting tables or similar at beginning of game
-import Workstation module [Nobody]
for thing where it is more suitable than next one.
-import machines module [Nobody]
-Grid based crafting module [Nobody]
To enable crafting we all know from minecraft.
-Requirement based spawning system [Nobody]
To spawn "wild" creatures in Nature based on their normal environment. It should slowly repopulate areas that are looted empty.(and in our case spawn first live on our world)
-Stats Module [esa-petri]
Quite easy to do module. Pure mathematics. Create comandline commands to set stats. And stats update rest thing related to them when they change.
-Skill module [Nobody]
enables having skills(like Axes) which each has its own experience, when skills is used by using abilities skill gains experience and experience can be used to “buy” new abilities. Also all skills increase main experience which can be used to raise stats or unlock skill trees or unlock status modifiers.
-Status module [Nobody]
this enables thing like all modifiers to player like poisoning, flying, stone skin, water breathing and so on. This also enables “perks” continuous modifiers like brain malfunctioning that lowers willpower or weakness to something Or claws whit enables skill tree and so on. In practice this is database of creatures modifiers.
-Combat frame work [Nobody]
Create simple combat framework based on bounding box (or better if available). Ideas for damage calculation and similar available earlier at post.
-Weapon pack [Nobody]
create weapon back to get use of combat framework

In fancy future version x.xx:
-Lot of models
I wish personaly style that is cuby and works whit player model, but have artistic freedom to create what you feel is best. Models for everything is needed.
-Import Cities and join it as of terrain generation
-Land manipulation commands
In game commands to fill geometric forms whit chosen blocks. To same whit shell being different material than center and so on. Cities rasterisation code might be good place to look ideas. Also frame work to select custom areas and fill them custom blocks, to copy, cut and paste, is needed. Also we need way to export to file and import from file selections. These same files can then later on be used to create custom dungeons and stuff.
-procedural dungeon generation module
-import fluid module
-Water simulation
-import Minimap
-Alignment module
Defines alignment for all creatures. Defines rules how alignment changes, what action are allowed for certain alignments and so on...
-Relation Module
Show relation between creatures(hostile, neutral, friendly and so on) and forbids attacking friendly, neutral creature without confirmation. This can be configured not ask if needed. Idea is to stop accidental attacking. This should be basis for higher social framework.
-Group Module
enable player create groups, group members can't leave group without punishment if he kill other Group member and that member wants punishment.
-Factions Module
enable player to join, leave faction(a group of people whit same goal, means same as guild). Player inside faction are neutral towards each other. Each faction can have different rules but normal enemies of faction are enemies of members of faction. Fighting between members of faction can be disallowed expect dueling.
-Dimension support in Terasology Engine
-Custom Sky box mechanism in Terasology Engine

https://github.com/Terasology/LandOfTerra (has code and tech-tree diagram(ArgoUml), Game play Mechanics diagram(ArgoUml) )

I will keep updating first post to have full description and task list.
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Game play modes:
God(unrestricted admin)
Demi-God(admin whit restrictions)
Immortal(Survival whit infinite re-spawns but they gains less experience. On dead they get debuffs, lose items, lose experience)
Mortal(dead is final, but they have boosted experience gain and other buffs)
Avatar mode(choose semi-random npc(out of playable species) whit it's possession, and start playing)

Primary attributes:
(Ideas from minecraft, skyrim, Tales of Maj'Eyal and my head)
Player has 6 main attributes Life, Stamina, Thauma, Suffocation, Hunger, Thirst.
Life is life force and when it goes zero you die, expect if special conditions are in effect. Life normally generates slowly, expect for some species. Negative life is possible for undeads or under special condition but too high negative life, will cause body creature stop functioning at all.

Stamina is you physical condition if it you go zero you are very tired and can only do very basic things. Enough negative stamina stops you from moving and eventually you faint or by potion abuse you can go over that point and you will die to organ failure. Stamina generates fast when resting, for normal species. Regenerating stamina increases Hunger. Life doesn't regenerate normal if stamina is under zero. Thauma regenerates bad when stamina is negative.

Thauma is your reservoir of magical energy, it is consumed when doing Thaumatic actions like casting spells, or praying divine being. Thauma regenerates fast. If Thauma goes zero and person is middle of casting spell, stamina will be consumed in really bad conversion ration, and eventual person can faint or die.

Suffocation happens when creature is in environment without substance creature needs for life, for most creatures this is Air. Suffocation refills when needed substance is consumed. For most creatures when suffocation goes zero creature faints, But some creatures damage is taken instead or stamina goes zero.

Hunger is creatures need for fuel, for most this is food. When hunger goes negative life regeneration slows. Life regeneration is subtracted by (1/4*normal regen) for each time negative multiplication of max hunger is reached(like -1*max hunger, -2*max hunger ...).So at some point Life regeneration goes negative and player dies by reaching zero life.
Thirst works same way than hunger, but for most of species degenerates faster.

Effect of Stats:
(much of ideas from Tales of Maj'Eyal http://te4.org/ http://te4.org/wiki/Stats)
Physical power (integer)
is main modifier for physical attacks and is used in physical damage calculation.

Physical save (integer)
modifier how well you survive(how much it is reduced) physical damage.

Max encumbrance (float)
maximum ammount kgs of stuff you can carry. More stuff slower you move but every kg going over this will slow you down much more. And you defense, dodge and saves drop if you go over this

Max Stamina (float)
consumed when doing anything that needs strength like running

Max hunger (float)
how long you can survive whit out starvation

Max Thirst (float)
how long you can go without water
Speed (float)
how fast you go, also affects dodge change. Important part of damage calculations

Defense (integer)
Over all defense against all damage

Aim stability (float)
reduces shake when aiming

Dodge chance (float)
your change dodge incoming attacks in percents. Diferent attacks have dodgeability which is removed from this. This why even if you have 100 dodge change you can take damage and this reason dodge change can grow over 100.

Intoxication save ()
Your change to not get sick when poison, virus or bacteria enters you body

Max zoom (float)
maximum zoom level for player whit pare eyes.

Max Breath Held (float)
how long you can survive whit out air or similar. In seconds

Accuracy ()
Reduces aiming shake

Night vision amount ()
Whit this in night you see dark areas in colors of gray. This decides radius and amount you see in dark.

Critical hit chance ()
randomly strengthens attacks more you have this more often and more is strengthened

price modifier(float)
Percentage difference to original price that you sell higher price and buy less.

how easily creatures see you hostile. Whit high charm creatures see you less threatening and treat you more friendly.

Defines how many creatures you can have in your group or faction. All friendly creatures like your dog belong to your group when you’re traveling whit them.

Strength: (normal adult human men: 20 ; female: 15)
Physical power ()
Physical save ()
Max encumbrance (1kg per level)
Jump height ()
Max Stamina (5 per level)
Stamina regen rate (0.05s per level)
Max hunger (3 per level)
Max Thirst (2 per level)

Dexterity: (normal adult human men: 10 ; female: 15)
Speed ()
Jump height ()
Defense ()
Aim stability ()
Dodge chance ( 0.3 per level)

Constitution: (normal adult human men: 20 ; female: 20)
Max life (5 per level)
Life regen rate (0.05s per level)
Physical save ()
Intoxication save ()
Max hunger (2 per level)
Max Thirst (2 per level)
Max zoom (0.05 x per level)
Thauma regen rate (0.03s per level)
Stamina regen rate (0.03s per level)
Max Breath Held (6s per level)

Thaumaticy (normal adult human men: 10 ; female: 10)
Spell power ()
Max Thauma (5 per level)
Thauma regen rate (0.2s per level)
Spell save ()

Willpower (normal adult human men: 15 ; female: 10)
Max Thauma (2per level)
Max Stamina (2 per level)
Mind power ()
Mental save ()
Aim stability ()
Max Breath Held (2s per level)
Critical hit chance ()

Perception (normal adult human men: 10 ; female: 15):
Max zoom (0.1 x per level)
Night vision amount ()
Mental save ()
Aim stability ()
Critical hit chance (0.5 per level)
Dodge chance (0.5 per level)

Charisma(can be negative)(normal adult human men: 10 ; female: 10):
Price modifier(1)
Mind power ()
Mental save ()
Leadership (0.1)

Luck (can be negative)(normal adult human men: 5 ; female: 5):
Defense ()
Physical save ()
Spell save ()
Mental save ()
Intoxication save ()
Dodge chance (2 per level)
Critical hit chance (2 per level)

Reason I want to create this module pack/game mode is that this is way I dream to play Terasology one day. And this is way I would love to play it. World which is ever changing, dangerous and mystic. This is where I would like to my contribution to Terasology to lead. I hope you like Idea and this is what I will work on.

Oh and if you have any suggestion or would like to change something please tell. :)


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Sounds very ambitious and cool, also somewhat daunting, nicely summarized with the


I think a lot of us want to play this, in subtly different versions. It is a long journey getting there spread across many, many, modules, and hopefully many contributors as well. While I wish you the best of luck getting there I'll also encourage you to collaborate as much as possible with others on all the individual pieces needed, getting them ready and usable in general one by one rather than try to do it all at once.


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I like your idea, but the meaning of the name does not fit.
"Terra" means "land" or "earth" -> "Land of land" :)

Do you mean "Land of Terasology"?


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I will keep contributing else where. Building things like this will create lot of stuff that is usefull elsewhere too. Firts I will concentrate to create documtetation what game should exactly be. how thing relate to each others. Like how magic, items, batle, enviroment works. And then I will keep helping building WaS because it creates nice base for this too and it is atm only playable thing here.
BTW I like Land of Terra(land of land) because it can mean almost anything, but name is up to suggestion if someone invent anything beter.

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Hey, here is a few comments from me:
- "Port Inventory crafting from WaS" - you can sign me up for that one, I will be extracting it to a separate module, once I have some time and the codebase becomes more stable,
- "Status module" - there is already one that has some code and some of the effects you have mentioned - https://github.com/Terasology/AlterationEffects


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I should update that this module is living and doing well. I am halfway of finishing combat framework for it.