Merry Xmas and all the other things! New stable out


Org Co-Founder & Project Lead
Been out a little while, actually, built and released it almost two weeks ago but have been busy lately, wanting to get a bunch of other write-ups done. We also changed the way modules get bundled with the game, so I was holding out a bit there for making it cleaner. Still some work to do. For the time being the main game zip (from the launcher or regular job in Jenkins) will not contain any extra modules at all, but the new "Omega Distribution" does (the exact old lineup). Full changelog in Jenkins

Anyway! New stuff:
  • Auto save by @Florian! Woohoo. No more losing worlds to crashes. Also helps servers quite a bit and improves the way we store things in general
  • Game distributions appearing in Jenkins. This is the base game plus some arrangement of modules. So there's a minimal working version of the game, another with a moderate amount of basic modules we'll consider the game baseline containing stuff comparable to what you might expect in vanilla MC (called Iota), and a bigger version with all stable extras (called Omega). This will be more important in the future, for now just look for "Omega" to be similar to the old game zip.
  • Permission system in place for multiplayer by @Marcin Sciesinski, so you can limit the use of some commands to admins, currently "op" is the only category of access you can have beyond the basics. See some more details in the new multiplayer section in the readme
  • Headless server is pretty much usable, at least for testing, and you can gain "op" rights as the server owner by going into the game config file to copy out a secret one-time-use key for entering in-game
  • Game actually has a ladder block again, and gasp you can climb it from either side! Climbing feels more right too, although more polish could be added. Thanks to Meniku!
  • Both entire soundtracks by @Chrisk are in-game now, along with the older music pieces. Only the first volume actually has triggers to play though. Music system in general has been improved quite a bit with a new MusicDirector module. Also helps keep the base game download (without extra music) smaller.
  • Time system improvements of various sorts, with more coming. One piece of eventual support for better celestials (impact on time of day and time tracking) and multi-world. It also allows easier triggering of periodic events with DelayManager
  • Various improvements to the disposal of game issues that previously could result in a partial game exit, leaving orphaned processes sitting around (may still be possible in scenarios that are harder to reproduce)
  • Upgraded to Gradle 2.1 (thanks @msteiger!). Older workspaces with modules containing an old version of build.gradle may need to have the file overwritten by a fresh copy from the Core module manually
  • More Javadoc and guide stuff, yay!
  • Assorted world improvements and other behind-the-scenes stuff
  • Walk / run now has a permanent toggle, default is to always run (as if you're always holding down shift). Thanks to @Florian and currently on the caps lock key (may move)
  • Command line argument handling has been improved, although our shiny new help command isn't managing to print anything visible on Windows when run from a .exe
  • Neat new tool to inspect entities in-game by @Florian
  • Various libraries updated
Module changes
Coming soon and other news
  • There is an upcoming dev meeting covering an assortment of topics important for the near and far future
  • @Josharias' new stuff can be see at with a video
  • You can now attack or be attacked by other players and some animals. No specialized damage yet though so it can take quite some effort to kill something!
  • WildAnimals has been added, thanks to @glasz for art and @Florian for logic, starting with an attackable deer that wanders idly. See video
  • All broken unit tests have been fixed, woo! This is just engine, a few modules still have broken tests. This helps with the next item.
  • We are going to enable an automatic PR builder plugin in Jenkins so we can test stuff more immediately. Need to get dynamic droplets with our Digital Ocean hosting working first so Jenkins can handle the need for extra build capacity.
  • Have bumped a few contributors to actual teams, yay! @shartte, @Florian, @Halamix2, @manu3d (feel like I'm missing somebody?)