Minecraft like animations

Filip Sadovsky

New Member
Hello there,
did anyone think about how to code minecraft like animations? For example opening and closing chest animation? I wrote my own voxel based engine. That engine have for every chunk some vertex buffers (for solid, liquid etc...). These buffers are rebuilded with every change (someone change solid block => rebuild solid block buffer). But i have no idea how to implement to this structure smooth animation of some blocks without rebuilding buffer several times per second (it would take much time on CPU) i think that's not the right way to achieve this. Someone have some idea?


Lead Software Architect
In Terasology we have the option of not rendering a voxel through the chunk buffers, but instead use the entity rendering system - so then the chest block could be a skeleltal mesh or otherwise and animated. This would be performance costly if done for too many blocks, but for a few player-placed blocks like chests it should be fine.

Alternatively a hybrid approach would be having the closed chest in the chunk buffer, and removing it for animation, and returning it when the chest is closed. Or perhaps even having the fully opened chest in the chunk buffer, so it is only while it is animating that it is not.