Problem Module dependency resolution failed (only for specific modules though)


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So i've been messing around and i've found that on the latest stable release some modules won't download
(possible more than these but for sure for me)

Advanced Behaviors doesn't work ( and as such any module that uses this as a dependency doesn't work)

Gooey's Quests doesn't give this error but once it gets to the download , it downloads the first module then stops without an error (but without downloading more)
meaning the download pane that is shown dissapears and nothing has changed(i am unsure which module causes this though)

I have tested , and these modules seem to download fine on previous versions,
Is this a current issue thats a WIP or is it my system thats causing this.
(tested on both public stable release as well as compiling the source and running)


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Hi @Darragh - the actual Alpha 9 should work, as shipped in the game Omega zip file. If you start updating modules to newer versions using the in-game modules screen you'll get modules that are newer than your engine and other modules, leading to these problems.

Specifically AdvancedBehaviors is broken in the current develop branch as the v2 engine + associated modules deprecate AB in favor of some new behavior tree code that came in for GSOC last summer, assigned to the v2 release.

By the time of the v2 release AB will be gone and all remaining modules should play nice together again - until the next time :)

Looking into blocking module update downloads when they are too new or at least warning the user is on the todo list. Although another issue is that all modules aren't consistently having their version numbers updated yet.