Suggested Module: Nautical

This module aims to introduce some new nautical themed items to the game.

This module will add nautical themed items to the game. The module adds boats and ships to the game. This module will add two types of boats - small and big. The boats are smaller than the ships and can carry one and two players respectively. The ships on the other hand are larger and can carry many players and mobs at once. These ships cannot be crafted but have to be built by placing the required parts. These parts have to be crafted by the player using special resources that will also be added to the game using this module.

This module will also add items that the player can wear that will allow them to breathe underwater for more time. It will add oxygen cylinders and a mask and scuba suits. These items can be crafted using resources such as fibres that will be added to the game.

This module will add -
  • Boats
  • Ships
  • Two ship engine - Large and small
  • Ship propellers - Large and small
  • Steel ore
  • Steel
  • Tin ore
  • Tin
  • Fibres
  • Scuba Helmet
  • Two oxygen cylinders - Large and small
  • Scuba suit
  • Cylinder mount
(This module should be hooked up with the crafting module. This will allow the player to craft all the extra items.)
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@OmkarJ. The way that module works is that it adds features to the gameplay. When you combine a bunch of them, it becomes what you 'can' call "game mode". It does not add features outside of the game world.

Your idea sounds more like something that happens outside the game world, like in some sort of menu. It does not have direct interaction with the game.