Suggested Module Suggestion: Parkour Minigame

This module is more of a minigame (like the already available minesweeper module), and isn't meant to be used for survival gameplay. It shouldn't be used with other modules, except the core ones.

The concept of this module is making a parkour minigame in Terasology. It will be composed of a new world generator, where it would generate high pillars, which the player could jump from one another. This minigame will also feature powerups to help players get through the pillars.

The objective of the minigame is to earn as many points as possible, points will be given if the player has successfully landed into a pillar. Some pillars will worth more points than the other. The minigame will end if the player misses a jump and falls into a death pit.

The player can only move and jump, breaking blocks are not allowed.

The points system for this minigame, is to reward players for every pillar they jump to. The more difficult a pillar is to get to, the more points will be given. A difficult pillar is if the distance between the adjacent pillars are far and hard to get to.

Powerups, which will only be available in some pillars, can only be obtained by going to the pillar. The powerup is used for helping the player jump through the pillars, some ideas for the powerup, such as blasting blocks, double jump ability, and placing blocks midair. Of course this will be limited to some amount.

Not all pillars are meant to be directly jumped at, some are impossible. The use of powerups is to help the player to get there.

I feel minigames are a nice addition to Terasology, rather than the usual survival gameplay, players can have another way of enjoying the game.