Suggested Module suggestion - Radio!


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There is a lot of ways making your self-built home more cozy. The huge selection of new items added by available modules allows you to create your perfect place to live. Minecraft, for example features something called "Jukebox"! It uses discs collected by the players to play music included into game files. I've came up to a a bit more interesting idea:

Internet radio listener!

This block would allow its users to enter a link to internet radio stream to make that block play sound at its location. Moving away from it would decrease the volume of the played music, so the radio would stop playing if nobody is around it (probably there's an engine feature to play sound at desired location). The Radio block would have an interface screen where the player could paste a link to a radio stream and increase/decrease volume or even maybe save settings and add radio stations to fav list.

The only thing that is worrying me is the fact that this module would have probably to use some library for playing sound from audio streams (therefore have access to internet) so it wouldn't be possible to implement it as a standard module. Anyways, that is something I would love to have in literally every game that forces the player to spend some time at his base, tinkering, crafting or doing other stuff. :)