Suggested New module - EmoteSystem (GCI Task)


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Have you ever played Battlefield? Yes? Then you should know what "Commo Rose" is. It is a awesome feature which allows player to quickly send pre-defined messages, displayed in a ring. Press a key on your keyboard, point your cursor over one of the menu elements and release it!

My job was to implement something like described above in a Terasology module. You can preview and try my work, just get the module from here :)
This module currently allows to send text messages only, but it could be expanded in the future to use some player animations and other scripted action.

Here's a video which represents what I've done yet:

It is possible to register new emotes from other modules, just take a look at the repo's readme.
Any suggestions are highly appreciated. :)

PS: I'm planning to implement a configuration screen, which would let player add and remove registered emotes by this, or other modules.
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