Suggested New Module - RPG-Experience (GCI Task)

Hi! My proposal for a new module is a module that gives the experience of an RPG, but integrates it seamlessly (fingers crossed!) with the actual experience of this game. Where the RPG I'm looking to for inspiration (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim) has lots of skill trees in three main categories (Thief, Warrior, Mage), this module would have four: Fighter, Free-Runner (for getting around easily), Builder or Miner. Their perk trees are here: THIS IS A LINK. So, onto the description of this module.

NPCs: Can sell items, "better" ones being sold in towns and "worse" ones being sold both on the road and in towns.
Enemies: Drop items on death. Types of enemy have standard weapons, but as levels increase their chance of getting a weapon that does more damage increases with level.
Player: Can craft items or find them from either NPCs or enemies, as outlined above.

Should work like normal game combat, unless anyone has any better ideas (obviously the final product has to be balanced with how easy it would actually be to develop)

At Level Up
NPCs: Do not level up or have levels.
Enemies: Do not level up, but spawn at a certain level. The level defines their health and speed, plus their chances of spawning with a more powerful weapon, as outlined above.
Player: At level up, the player will have their health increased, and gain one "skill point", which can level up (I know, it's like level-ception) either the Fighter, Free-Runner, Builder or Miner, which, gives pre-defined bonuses either per-level or at certain levels (may need gameplay testing to see which is better). The level-ups depend on XP, when the XP reaches a certain amount the player levels up, and I think that we should make it so that every hit, block placed, block mined or every sprint jump gives 1XP or something, although this will probably have to be balanced and changed after some gameplay testing.

World Generation
I think that the world should be procedurally generated, but contain a fixed number of towns that always have the same layout, a set number of dungeons that always look the same (these are for quests) and then a set number of dungeons that don't always look the same that aren't for quests. I don't know how easy these would be to actually code, so if it's not possible, then I could also go for a world that is fixed.

I am very open to suggestions for the skill trees, as some of the perks are rubbish not so imaginative

Just as a note at the end, I would love it if I could be involved in the development process if this gets developed, as not only do I think this could be a great module, my big passion is programming so just seeing someone coding this would be great. Thanks for reading!