Playing Terasology in your browser


Project Founder and Lead Developer
I've configured an automatic build script which updates the Java applet here on my server using the latest code base of Terasology available on GitHub. So if anything new appears on GitHub, it can be played minutes later in your favorite browser. Neat! ;) The applet now also makes sure that your JVM allocates enough heap space, so gaming is as smooth as it can be with your hardware specs. But you should have at least 1024 MB of memory.

In addition to that I've added a new plugin to this community portal so the applet can be made directly available here. So look out for the "Play Terasology!" and "Download Terasology" pages hidden under the brand new "Terasology" tab up there below the header image.

Make sure to test the applet and let me know if everything works right on all platform. What are you waiting for? Check it out!