Proposal POLL OPEN! More Large-scale Terrain features for Terasology! VOTE NOW!

What terrain features do you want to see in-game?(Why are weeks listed here:? Read the post to know)

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That title isn't a one-liner promotion of my proposal. That is the actual title of the project! (+ some clickbait)
Ok, poor jokes aside, I am back with my second proposal for GSoC 2020, stronger than ever.
Please read through it even if you're not a mentor. Why?
Because I am creating a poll! I have listed a lot of deliverables in my project that goes beyond the 11 week limit of GSoC(last week is for the wiki and related stuff).

I want YOU to vote for the features you would like to see in-game and I'll be prioritizing them in my Timeline. Try that you don't select more than half the options to keep it meaningful and don't go above 11 weeks! Refer to the Goals section of my proposal for detailed descriptions.

Proposal link-
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