Post Processing Filter Manager

So, finally I have started my project at my main work today. And now I can continue to work for Blockmania.
The main thing I want to complete is the starry night.
THen I want to make the Post Processing Filter Manager(PPFM :)).
Due to it we'll be able to make beautiful effects after rendering.
Now I want to describe my main objectives.

1) The blur.
If the player is under water, then the picture will be blurred on the screen. But if the player has swimming glasses, then the PPFM doesn't use

the blur effect.
2) If the player finds himself in the desert, then the effect of a "hot air" will be created.
3) The adaptation of brightness.
If the player leaves the dark cave and finds himself in an open space full of daylight, then he will be blinded,and after that the brightness

will smoothly reduce till it reaches the medium brightness as compared with the rest in the picture.

If you have any ideas about it you can share them with me :)


Project Founder and Lead Developer
Very cool!

What about using real HDR-rendering (speaking of the light adaption when switching from dark to bright areas)? I'll post here if I have some ideas on rendering filters and effects. :)