[Sep 15, 2012] Art Meeting - style review (IRC)


Org Co-Founder & Project Lead
Preparing an official event entry for the meeting on art discussion with glasz and all the artists (able to make it + budding new ones if interested) on this coming Saturday. Hopefully I've got the right timezone - 6 pm GMT (so I guess that's 2 pm for eastern US, which is in EDT currently not plain EST ...)

Mainly this is a follow-up to the Unified Graphic Style discussion we had a while ago. Back then we barely had any example art yet, pretty much just three distinct styles:
  • Glasz's "Jake the Dwarf" - very smooth, main distinction is the disjointed limbs approach which has been put to good use on more models since
  • @An'W 's unnamed dwarf - higher detail, distinctly "pixelated" style, very blocky
  • eleazzaar 's cubic critters - moderate detail, mainly distinct from more detailed and less blocky textures (but still nice and simple, cartoony style)
Since then we've had a flood of new artists and art contributions vastly expanding the range of styles, even breaking our initial separation between creatures and blocks with plants for instance being blocks or simple billboards originally but now we have a fancy cactus creature by basilix that is a plant, yet not a block or a billboard, and not very blocky nor pixelated either. Glasz's Jake also got a big sisterat the other end of the detail/blocky scale as well

Lots more examples, maybe somebody can put together a single big graph of all the contributed art work organized by blocky/non-blocky and level of detail just for better visualization :)