Suggested Showcase a world generator (GCI)

I'm here to showcase a world generator for my latest GCI task. I chose to show off the DesertWorld. This is a world generator that I worked on myself for 4 other tasks. The world is modeled after Tatooine from Star Wars.

Here are the main features of the world:

  1. Cacti (I mean, it's a desert, right)
  2. Natural water collections that start 9 block below sea level
  3. Dead bushes
  4. Rolling sand dunes that cover the entire world
There are a few things that could be made better, which I plan on doing, though if someone wants to do them that's fine, too.

  1. Add sand huts. The structure template prefab is already made and in the generator, it just needs to be implemented
  2. Add wells. I made the ST for this as well
  3. Natural randomized cliffs would be nice
Some screenshots of my beautiful world: