Suggested Showcase a world generator (GCI)

I'm here to showcase a world generator for my latest GCI task. I chose to show off the DesertWorld. This is a world generator that I worked on myself for 4 other tasks. The world is modeled after Tatooine from Star Wars.

Here are the main features of the world:

  1. Cacti (I mean, it's a desert, right)
  2. Natural water collections that start 9 block below sea level
  3. Dead bushes
  4. Rolling sand dunes that cover the entire world
There are a few things that could be made better, which I plan on doing, though if someone wants to do them that's fine, too.

  1. Add sand huts. The structure template prefab is already made and in the generator, it just needs to be implemented
  2. Add wells. I made the ST for this as well
  3. Natural randomized cliffs would be nice
Some screenshots of my beautiful world:





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@TheGhostInTheMachine I really like the generation of the valley-style desert biome. Very uniform, without too high hill areas. A nice job, even the lake (oasis?) With water I like, with the addition of palm trees as new desert trees becomes perfect as a beginning.

Good job.
Thanks! I’ll admit that I made this world generator for the google code in with no intention of updating it later, but I’ll get back into it by adding palm trees. I sort of stopped developing it because it was a real challenge to get grass to grow around the oases (which I didn’t end up figuring out)


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@TheGhostInTheMachine Thank you for your answer.

Terasology is undergoing alpha development, yet there are no vegetation growth features and other basic map features. Perhaps in separate modules? I use the latest stable version and honestly I have not seen these features yet.

Your world generator is interesting, even if you do not develop it is an open project that surely other developers will develop in the future.

Thank you for your good work, it is always a pleasure to see talented people, the Terasology project needs this.


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There are some separate modules with more plant growing, yep :)

Probably the oldest is GrowingFlora, which is used by Throughout the Ages, which has aged somewhat poorly with a lack of maintenance. It had trees that would grow one step at a time, but last I knew they would grow themselves into looking like Swiss cheese for some reason, lots of odd holes.

There are newer systems like with SimpleFarming and EdibleFlora, which has a variety of crops, fruit bushes, trees, vines, and so on. Some are enabled if you run the JoshariasSurvival template (look around in the world for a variety of fruit bushes you can harvest)