Some Ideas and Questions


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Sry if I am annoying... :(

First: Ideas I cant do because im a beginner in programming and totally new in java.

  1. A way to have more save files / more save slots (3 or so)
  2. Random Backgrounds (pick a random at the start of the game)( I have many nice space backgrounds (some drawed, some generated)) I like the Default one but, i see it every time :sleep: (not that important)
  3. Ship storage (?need to buy halls? so you can have more ships and switch them at the station)
  4. Item storage (need to buy places, 1000 for 10 space or something like this)
  5. Money storage (you can save money at the station BUT (example:) if you put 10.000 to save, 10% or 15% (or something like this) is for the station, and 9000 / 8500 is your money you saved (you can take it if you need it...)
  6. Shields to different projectile types (for my self I added some new shields, with new stats like regeneration speed or time, that the shield needs a break to regenerate) but I failed trying to make this idea.
  7. ? maybe a range to weapons -> after a time x the fired projectiles are destroyed.
  8. I think you now this one: steam workshop (because of community and mods) or a place, where fun mods/ mods that wouldnt be nice in the basic game but nice as mod, can be uploaded :)
  9. Menu: maybe change new Game to Play Game? I don't really now how it is in english but in german, it can be easily missunderstanded (right word? i hope...) with new ship/ start a totally new game :c (I made this private :)
  10. you now this but for 100% of thinks I wish me for the game: multiplayer
Now: Questions

  1. Is it good to make a topic at this forum , for maybe a complete new alien race + planet or other big projects (to now what others think etc...)
  2. Is it allowed to upload fun mods and mods that wouldnt fit in the original game to play store etc... (do you now good computer places for this?) (with giving links to github, original app, steam, this site: ...)
  3. Can somebody explain me to bring my ds to my android? .-. stuck at some point (i have android sdk)
  4. Can I make a wikia page? there is one but... there isnt very much....
  5. Same with app for android... (I would make it with unity, because particles etc...) and because im a beginner....
  6. How to GitHub? (pull request etc...)

I hope this was not too much, and i hope this is better than crate 20 threads...
I dont want to now how many mistakes i made... (im tired... im german.... this was much....)

I would show some of this space pics but there are skybox textures for 3d games... and there ar to big, or ther are 4096x4096 and are to big)

Or there are my profile image... :eek:
Thanks for for reading and thanks if you can help me. (to make my englisch better :laugh:)



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Please don't think you're annoying in any way of form! You're great and your English is fine :D

For small suggestions we've looked at the idea of a backlog board in Trello. It is inactive but check it out: - that would be a good place to add and organize little suggestions. If you're interested we can give you access to help organize it. There are a bunch of suggestions on Steam we need to convert over to Trello as well.

When you do use the forum yep one thread like this is fine. Over in the main Suggestions forum (which was made when we only ran Terasology so very little to no DS stuff in there) we do individual threads for substantial ideas and just group small one-liners in a central backlog thread meant to also go onto a Trello board. Then when somebody wants to take a small idea and make it bigger at that point we can make a dedicated thread for it.

Steam Workshop is definitely something to look at, but we need to get the general modding working first via our Gestalt framework. That's the primary objective of @vampcat's GSOC project over the summer so that part is happening woo! In the meantime you're free to share improvised mods and such on your own in any way you like, usually it is done via zip files linked here in the forum or on Steam.

Android support works with v1.4.1 the latest release. v1.5.0 is in the GitHub master branch but not yet released (I'm hoping to get it working in Jenkins). v2.0.0 is in the develop branch and does not work on Android at present - with enough tweaking you can get the game to launch but it crashes immediately. Gestalt needs some more work to be able to function in the more limited environment on an Android device.

Running Android from source is possible in the master branch if you fetch the Android facade using "gradlew fetchAndroid" then editing some paths and running either via IntelliJ/Android Studio or "gradlew android" - but probably some live collaboration would be called for there, there are still some manual setup steps involved that may be tricky.

Third party wikis/sites are too difficult to maintain at the current level of project activity. We need more project docs on GitHub first to begin with :)

A lot of our GitHub docs for Terasology talk about contributing in general, you could read some of those for some general pointers. Like There are also plenty of general guides for GitHub and so on. Again live chat might be good for figuring out details, just need to catch one of us online or get on Slack.

I'm tired too so I'll finish this post here, it doesn't quite cover everything but it does cover a lot :D