Some images from the game I'm currently working on


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So basically, two images from my game. The first image, starz.png, is the splash screen for the company/team name, ZEHAWK. Only got Z down cause im lazy:) Second photo is in game, it is meant to be a terraria style game, but the background is that of a star(Needs fixing!) and a blue planet. The environment moves at a slower pace than the actual world to give depth. All made in opengl and c++. Evenetually, the main game world will also take place in space, with a black background and stars. Remember, this isn't even in early pre-alpha, so very basic. What do you think?



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Progress is progress! You've got something that runs and display stuff, that's more than most people who decide they want to develop video games. Splash screen looks like a good start toward a space game, if the yellow line is meant to be a "ring" around the red thing being a planet, maybe tilting it a bit would be a nice effect? Kinda like this

For anybody wondering I ran into Zehawk on Youtube a long time ago where he was displaying some stuff from his game "Lerria", which should probably be in the thread title or post somewhere, hehe :D

Keep it up!