Soundtrack is available on GitHub now


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Talked to NeonInsect and helped him get it checked in :)

He asked that we put it under CC-BY-NC and retain his copyright on the files. That seems fair enough to me. Any concerns?

We're keeping Terasology on the full "culture free license" setup with Apache v2 (which still covers all DestSol code) and some CC license (probably CC-BY) on the art assets when we actually get around to doing that officially one day. But some stuff there in Omega modules (not Iota) might also end up that way one day.

When we do modules for DestSol we could then move this sound track into its own and have a fully "culture free license" setup for the main repo again, if we worry about that.

Also came across Beyond Sol which seemed a funny coincidence. Got greenlit on Steam around the time DestSol was released, similar setting, but looks vastly bigger (strategic gameplay and multiplayer) yet it isn't free ($-wise) and barely seems to have been noticed (very few reviews). Still early release though.

@SimonC4 you up for taking a look at hooking the music files into the game to play at some point?