Stable 44 - 43 was like Windows 9 so we skipped it


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Solid stuff here even in a relatively small package (only 39 commits!) not that long after last stable. Progressing at a good pace! :)
  • Headless server finally saves and loads cleanly, woohoo! @Florian squished the last bug. That means you can technically host a persistent server, although without auto-saves (coming soon!) you'd need to shut it down on a regular basis to not risk losing the world ;)
    • You can start headless with the -headless parameter, which will start a default world. Currently you'd have to then edit the config.cfg that generates manually to get specific modules enabled, then clear the world and start again. Note that the server might go off on its own independently (#1339) so you'd have to shut it down by connecting to it from a client and issuing "shutdownServer" in the console. Or kill the process, which doesn't let the world shut down cleanly. Yeah, it is usable at last, but still not exactly ready for prime time :D
  • Throughout the Ages has a bunch of bug fixes and performance improvements done, after @Marcin Sciesinski finished moving across an ocean. Most the known crash bugs are gone and the world usually generates fast enough to keep up now. It also got a whole lot taller if you go up the hill!
    • Fixed bugs in particular: #1202 (two tools in a wooden workstation - please let us know if you can still replicate, like in #1328), #1149 (crash on scooping water), #1150 (crash on using bucket in cooking station)
  • TerraTech and its machines by @Josharias are getting a whole lot fancier! Now includes pumps that'll push liquid into tanks to a height based on the power supplied (by windmills)
  • New tutorials on world gen and for attaching interactive GUI elements like inventories to blocks, yay learning things!
  • Chunks now generate/load in a more intelligent fashion "in front" of the player so to say
  • The remaining disposal issues that we know of have been fixed, so no more orphaned processes (other than #1339, but that one you can shut down cleanly!)
  • World previewing works better and can be cancelled :)
  • New tiered tools/blocks supported so there is a set of harder stones and better tools to go with them. Example work for the future, not placed naturally anywhere yet. Comes with a new shovel
  • Block drops can be modified by the tool you're using (so using the new shovel in ThroughoutTheAges will actually make dirt blocks drop dirt blocks instead of items)
  • F1 opens a debug panel that some modules might use for additional information (see DebugPropertiesSystem to learn more). Might not be new to this exact build but I don't think it has been covered well yet
  • World time system is being cleaned up some for more options in the future, including better use of celestial objects and time telling :)

New modules:
  • TutorialWorldGeneration - just what it sounds like, comes with a nice wiki-based introduction to our new world generation system. Great resource!
  • WorldlyTooltip - nice little tooltip that will display information about what you're pointing at (hold 'alt' for extra debug info)
  • Durability - a library module to support items that can take damage over time and break
  • ClimateConditions - contains and manages factors contributing to local climate effects (temperature and humidity to start with), can impact the factors in various ways
  • Seasons - supports changing seasons in the game (can see it in the Journal in Throughout the Ages, for instance, and it affects plant growth)
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