Stable 48 - lots of fixes


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This release is just 8 days after the prior as we found some bugs only active in the binary download of the game, and I've been primarily testing from source. Oops :)
  • Throughout The Ages should work again, it would crash on making the initial workstation due to a module dependency issue (wrong version used - didn't have our updated math lib set right)
  • Pathfinding was broken, leading to some other big stuff not working. Quirky logistics issue caused it to be built funny. #1558
  • Lots of updates and some fixes to JoshariasSurvival - even more and a demo video coming soon!
  • Light & Shadow has some new blocks like banners, activity there is picking up at last :)
  • Swimming is a little less obnoxious now
  • Game shouldn't crash if run from a directory with special characters in the path. #1540, #1310, #1162
  • Various other fixes, refactoring, and tweaks like an option to run the game without sound enabled (for systems with broken sound or headless servers where that option is on by default)
On the horizon and other stuff:
  • @synopia has been hard at work on overhauling our behavior trees, working AI together with @Florian
  • @Josharias really is going nuts with neat content, leaving to lots of potential for other modules to build on - although we need to find a way to make the neat reusability stand out better!
  • @msteiger has been fixing tree related world gen and sorting out some testing, should be some more modules getting added to the lineup soon
  • @Immortius has been working on more Gestalt libraries, with lots of improvements, especially to our asset system
  • @Skaldarnar is back in action working away on Light & Shadow, more content! @SuperSnark and @glasz probably are joining in on the action
  • @manu3d is putting on his robe and wizard hat, quickly becoming our new lead 3D wizard, and cleaning up all the rendering things
  • @Halamix2 is still on top on translations together with @msteiger and @Skaldarnar - with the new engine font and internationalization notes from recent dev meetings we will hopefully break ground on translations for the engine. Still will take some work though!
  • @metouto is back to play with block tiles some more and broke a record with our IRC bot @Gooey :
1:34:04 AM - metouto [433afa3e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] entered the room.
1:34:04 AM - Gooey1: metouto: You have messages waiting. Say something in this chat to receive your message.
1:34:28 AM - Cervator: metouto: hey! been a while, nice to see you again :-)
1:35:24 AM - metouto: nice to be back to look around at what you all have been doing :o)
1:35:25 AM - Gooey1:a year ago, mkienenb said: Can you create an icon for me to represent a player? Same size as your other toolbar / item icons
1:36:18 AM - Cervator: we've been busy :D and wow that must be the oldest message Gooey has ever delivered!


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  • @manu3d is putting on his robe and wizard hat, quickly becoming our new lead 3D wizard, and cleaning up all the rendering things
Cleaning... sure... and we all know how this ends: :D
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