Steam Achievements


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Now that we are close to having a release on Steam, I've been thinking about integrating the Steamworks SDK to allow Steam Achievements. I thought I'd start a thread to get some ideas going about what achievements we should have in the game.

Post you Steam Achievement ideas below...


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Lots of good options! Although like the game being pretty quick to exhaust a lot of these would be quick to get too
  • Popped an asteroid and/or collected money from it
  • Destroyed an enemy
  • Hired a mercenary
  • Equipped a mercenary (by throwing stuff at them)
  • "Finished" a planet. All turrets gone. Do the orbiters or random wanderers respawn? I haven't checked
  • Make it to a second solar system
  • Clear a maze
  • Defeat the big boss ship
  • Cleared the final (tech?) planet
  • Robbed the convoy (or whatever we call the red transport thing)
  • Landed on the "bus"
  • Assisted a guard / explorer out hunting reds
  • Take a star gate / star lane somewhere
  • Upgrade your ship
  • Equip a second weapon
  • Fire each weapon (are there "bullet points" / check boxes on achievements or are they all separate? I forget)
  • Defeat x using only y (lots of variety but can be a bit cheesy) - or a variant "without z" (repair kits, extra ammo, higher quality armor/shield)
  • Destroy an asteroid or some boss without firing any weapons (can get NPCs to destroy asteroids you hide behind, maybe smash weak enemies by ramming them repeatedly?)
  • Visit every landing site (the bus, home base, planet landing pads)
  • Crash into the Sun (like a boss)
While creating the actual achievements probably wouldn't be too much work (although we might need a bunch of icons) actually triggering events from the code might be a bit of work? We could make that the target of a 1.2.0 release. After we get the first one done it should be easier to do the next one, especially after we get more infrastructure in place :)