Support Forum Instructions - Please read first!


Development Lead
You probably came here because you encountered some issues running Terasology. Before you come up with "I has graphixx error" reports, please read this carefully and provide us with as much information as possible! This helps us to give you faster (and better) support and feedback.

In general, you should include the Terasology log file with your post, as it contains information about the system you are running as well as possible errors. You can find the log file in the following place (depending on your operating system):
  • Windows: "Users\<username>\Saved Games\Terasology\logs"
  • Mac: "~/Library/Application support/Terasology/logs"
  • Linux: "~/.local/share/terasology/logs"
You can attach the log file to your post directly ("Upload File").

Additional to the log file you may want to provide a screenshot (you can take one in the game by pressing F12, they are stored in a screenshots directory in the same path as described above) or a short video (e.g. from YouTube), which is especially useful for graphical issues/bugs.

If it should be the case that you got some error after playing for a while, please try to reproduce it and give us a short description of what you did, e.g.
  • Created a world with Perlin generator
  • placed a Grass Block
  • Pink elephants appeared!
If you keep to these intstructions, support will be easier for both sides ;)