Resolved Terasology Launcher 3.3.0 Issue


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When I open the launcher 3.3.0 I hit perform the following actions:
  • Select Stable Release (normal)
  • Select Latest Release
  • Once I press the Download button it attempts to download the game but freezes. Program Not Responding comes up.
  • There is no log file posted in my users/Saved Games\Terasology folder
  • There is a file partially downloaded to my AppData\Roaming\TerasologyLauncher\download directory.
    • but its only 74 kb.
I have installed the following:
  1. Java version(s) 8 221 32 & 64 bit
    1. Yes I have tried 64 standalone without the 32 bit installation but results are the same.
  2. Java JDK 12.0.2 64 bit
System Specifications:
  • Windows 10- 64 Bit Edition
  • Intel i7 5820k CPU
  • 64 GB Ram
  • Geforce 980
If I am missing a package or file, let me know. I look forward to seeing any possible suggestions.



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Hi there and thanks for the detailed report! :)

Although I don't think it should matter I was doing maintenance on our Jenkins server earlier around the time you posted this. I'd think that'd mean a failure to get anything at all rather than a broken file - unless I restarted it right as you were trying to download. Try again, maybe switching to the dev build to see if that works?

The major v4 release of the launcher is any day now, here at the conclusion of the year's GSOC projects. That should be a good thing to test when it comes out :thumbsup:


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Good Day Cervator,

Looks like it was down for majority of the day yesterday. I can confirm, the download action button works and I am now playing.

Thank you for the quick response and feedback.