Question Terasology Launcher Freezes in Linux Mint

Similar to issue #360, when I try to download the latest release of Terasology using the launcher, the launcher freezes, and the terminal log says "There is an error occurred while downloading the game!"
I am running Linux Mint 18.2 Cinnamon, the launcher is version is 3.2.0, and Java 8.
What should I do?
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Hi @PiPerson1 :)

I can see a hint for OpenJDK in the log. Since the launcher is using JavaFX, it either needs the Oracle JDK or the addtitional JavaFX libs. For ArchLinux there exists an extra package java-openjfx, but I don't know if there is something similar for Mint.

The launcher freezing while downloading the games sounds odd. Did you try it just once or did this happen multiple times. Would be nice to also get the logs for that attempt, if possible.