Terasology Tower Defense gamemode (GSoC 2018)


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One of Terasologies best points is how utterly modifiable it is. As it was designed with modding support in every step of it's life the bare bones engine imposes almost nothing onto you other than the fundamentals of a sandbox voxel world. However there is currently a lack of working gameplay templates that exploit and showcase this. I'm intending to help fill this void with a Tower Defense gamemode.
The key points of this gamemode are as follows:
  • A circular flat playing field
    • Three entrances on the outer rim
    • A goal in the centre
    • A modifiable field in the rest of it
  • Enemies that travel directly towards the goal, inflicting damage if they reach it
    • They navigate along the shortest path through the main field
    • They don't attack any towers
    • That drop the currency, Scrap
  • Towers that can be placed anywhere in the world and that damage the enemies
    • Blocks enemy paths so they take a different route
    • Can inflict effects other than pure damage
    • Can be upgraded using more advanced blocks
    • Built from multiple blocks by the player
  • Two phases, where the focus is shifted between Building and Defending.
    • In the building phase the enemy path is shown and build times are 0
    • In the defending phase actions have a build time
  • The player who has a shop based inventory system.
    • Has an shop inventory where the currency is dropped by enemies, Scrap
    • Still bound by the regular physical rules of Terasology.
  • A status screen which displays important wave and enemy information
    • Also includes a minimap, a wave progression bar and a goal health bar as HUD items
    • Displays a summary of the next waves, the enemies in them and other important status information
  • Gameplay template that is fully supported and integrated
    • Is available from the drop down menu when the module is enabled
    • Does not require a specific save file to be loaded (ala Lost)
    • Fully standalone but also supports as many other modules as possible
  • Documentation and guides on the content
    • Developer focused docs should be on the repo
    • Player focused docs in the repo and in game.
For more information and to leave feedback please view the Full Proposal Document https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DN4LxL8nSd9ZUbqhpXIfasmm8PQykJonOw7nUpKXpoo/edit?usp=sharing


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