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Hey guys.
It has been a long time I actively constributed some music to the project and I now decided to reorchestrate and rearrange the existing themes using some higher quality sample libraries and advanved orchestration techniques to improve the overall quality of the score.

I made a list of libraries I want to buy:
  • [Baught] 8Dio Adagio Basses (199$)
  • [Baught] 8Dio Adagio Violas (299$)
  • [Baught] 8Dio 1928 Steinway (199$)
  • [Baught] 8Dio Music Box (19$)
  • [Baught] 8Dio Windchimes (15$)
  • [Baught] 8Dio Flute Virtuoso (139$)
  • [Baught] 8Dio Oboe Virtuoso (139$)
  • [Baught]8Dio Clarinet Virtuoso (139$)
  • [Baught]8Dio Adagio Cellos (399$)
  • [Baught] 8Dio Adagio Violins (399$)
  • [Baught] CineBrass Core (399$)
  • [Baught] 8Dio Wrenchenspiel (79$)
  • [Baught] 8Dio Alien Drum (79$)
  • [Baught] 8Dio Piccolo Flute (99$)
  • [Baught] 8Dio Epic Taiko Ensemble (199$)
  • CineSamples Dulcimer (119$)
  • CineHarp (79$)
A total of 3000$ will be needed to make this happen and it will take a while until I got all the money together, so there will be quite some delay until I can finally start composing the new score.

I will keep you up to date :)

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Nice! Music composing gets expensive! :)

I've created homes on GitHub for the existing soundtracks, can put the existing ones there then update to re-orchestrated versions as you see fit:

Meta repos are for raw files and won't be included with the game

We need to get a nice console command introduced to start playing a music piece (if we don't have one already) then soon a proper system to play music in certain conditions. synopia added a music playing behavior tree node we can use in a fancy setup, and/or we could probably do a simple new system to play them based on time. Will beat having them hard coded in the world renderer or wherever they're hanging out currently! ;)

Existing pieces are at Terasology\engine\src\main\resources\assets\music for reference - I'm not sure what the best way to convert formats and such would be, or what's a good target size for the refined pieces shipped with the game.

I sent you email with some additional details :)


Org Co-Founder & Project Lead
To me the beginning just jumps out at you with added depth and ... expansiveness? Quality? Epicness? Of the instruments. The older piece seemed more "simple" in that sense. So that's pretty cool! :)

However, it feels like the piano tracks aren't melded quite as well though, mainly between 0:16 and 0:48. It is like they're getting drowned out a little by the other tracks (or each other after the second piano track kicks in), where in the old piece there was less "depth" so they stood out more / more clearly.

Does that make sense? Trying to be a wannabe constructive music critic here :D Although I might not be very useful by saying "Both have parts better than the other" ;)