v1.4.1 released - Misc quality of life fixes


Org Co-Founder & Project Lead
Just released on Steam, Google Play is waiting for however long the publishing process takes there (plus a bit more to confirm the APK via beta testing real quick). Release description follows:

Patch release with some recent fixes related to v1.4.0 and in general :)
  • Mercenaries now start with an appropriate weapon so they'll be helpful without an awkward weapon item throwing phase. Huzzah!
  • Crash from trying to load a ship with too many items in the save (should be OK to load broken old saves with)
  • Allow volume control for both sfx and the new music separately
  • Optimization for how the new music is loaded
  • Minor extras like docs and project logistics
Special thanks to JGelfand on GitHub for most the work! :)

In other news: During Terasology's participation in Google Summer of Code (we got sponsored by Google to mentor three students working with us over the summer) one of the students (@Rostyslav Zatserkovnyi!) also took a look at integrating our primary code library from Terasology into DS.

First round should allow for easier asset usage (think defining ships) as well as adding new content in modules (mods really) like with Terasology - so easier modding, potentially with Workshop hooked up later!

That will be the primary feature in v2.0.0 (not a sequel, just a new version), and the initial setup works on PC, but not Android yet. We need to finish that up then come up with a clean approach to hooking in the modding that won't later clash with a Workshop setup.

Exciting potential, but no ETA so far. As usual that depends entirely on our volunteers, so if you know anybody eager to help code a game in Java in a welcoming and helpful community please let us know! :)