Intro What's up I'm Zac

  • Name: _Zac "Bonchon" Thamer
  • Social: _My Git
  • From: _I will be attending University of Maryland College Park in the Fall, majoring in Computer Science
  • Skills / Tools: _Java in Eclipse, C++ (Visual Studio/XCode), Python; I mainly program in Java in Eclipse (both PC and Mac). I have taken 4 years of high school programming and math classes, and I love creating mathematical or game related programs. I just started familiarizing myself with C++ in Xcode (finding it somewhat similar to Java). I like to create games, as seen on my Github.
  • Found via: I was hoping to get an internship this summer and work with a mentor to further my Java and software development skills. I mainly make games by myself or with a partner but would like to take it to the next level and work in a big project (like this one). I found Google Summer of Code, and your organization was very interesting and open to me. I think the idea of Open Source projects is great and I would love to be a contributor.
  • Interests: I am constantly making small mini games over a span of a couple weeks or months. I love focusing my programming on a specific project and finishing it to move onto something new. I was looking at the concept for Gookeeper and would love to work on that this summer (more details coming soon...). I am in the process of forking it to Github and will soon be making some edits so stay tuned :). Mainly though, I would like to take my Java skills to the next level and learn from a great community. I would be honored to help contribute to a fantastic effort like Terasology.


Org Co-Founder & Project Lead
Hi there and welcome! :)

If you like mini games then yeah working on one of the gameplay settings probably makes sense. There are quite a few of them at this point with a few proposals already, GooKeeper included, but you're free to also submit. This may also be one of the few areas where it might actually make sense to consider submitting two proposals for different gameplay settings - the items are relatively similar and not too hard to swap between, often ending up using some of the same module dependencies anyway.

In any case yep grab a workspace, some modules, some tutorials, and poke around! :D Say hi on chat sometime when you have a little while to hang out (occasionally it can take a bit of time before somebody notices activity)