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  • Name: "Michael 'AWildBeard' Mitchell"
  • Social: On GitHub and IRC I am AWildBeard. On Twitter, I am AWildBeard1
  • From: I am from the state of Florida in the United States.
  • Skills / Tools: I've worked with Python2.7/3, Java, C++, Bash, Unix, Headless servers. The list goes on :D
  • Found via: I found Terasology through GSoC, although I really wish I had found it sooner.
  • Interests: My interests concerning Terasology are that I am exceedingly interested in the technologies that Terasology is using to produce such a unique title. I find that the use of OpenGL on Terasology excites me most because this is my first exposure to a java app using OpenGL or really anything outside of what Java is capable of natively. As I have learned more about the project and played around in it's guts, I have steadily become more and more intrigued by Gradle and the way it works/functions. Probably counter to what most people want to work on Terasology, I want to work mainly on Terasology's logging system, particularly making the current crash report system and logging system either more user friendly and/or more streamlined between the developers and the users client.
  • Extra: I have to say that Terasology is the first project of it's sheer size that I have ever attempted to participate in. By that I mean the in-depth moving parts that make such a surprisingly functional game. I also am still learning ALLOT of the quirks to Java and as yet find myself only partially understanding the majority of the codebase that makes up Terasology, I do plan to change this and as of this writing I am about halfway through a Java course at my college that should clear a lot of the fog away from such and incredible project. I whole heartedly look forward to my future contributions to this project and hope to be there on the day that this is no longer a project, but a finished PRODUCT!


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Yay intro post! Contributor badge for you since merged PR :)

Being a logistics kinda guy I am thrilled to have more help organizing all the things within and outside our codebase. Looking forward to it, and especially over the long term!