Xenforo 1.3.x upgrade + new addons


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Edit: Made a milestone with related issues on GitHub​
I got Adeon set up to help us upgrade our Xenforo here to version 1.3 or higher - many thanks! :)
As part of the upgrade I did an addon review and wanted to put the details here just for reference. Sub bullets for addons we might want to get rid off:​
  • Tag me - provides the @ based user (and group!) tagging.
  • TAC anti-spam collection - protects us from evil robots
  • Tapatalk - mobile enhancements for the Tapatalk mobile app
  • XenPorta - the portal "wrapper" around the forum (news blog, various content boxes, etc). I'm not sure how much XF itself has caught up feature-wise to this addon.
  • Nodes as tabs - allows for custom tabs at the top that leads to nodes
  • XenAtendo - calendar/event setup
  • XenCarta- light-weight wiki, but somewhat awkward and feature poor
    • Dubious on this one, and we're not using it. We should probably discontinue it and if we need collaborative editing we can use a different tool
  • XenUtiles - assorted utilities for the XenPorta set,
    • Explicitly discontinued and not available for XF 1.2 and above. We should uninstall it before upgrading base XF
  • Spoiler - minimal addon that adds the spoiler tag.
    • Fairly outdated at this point, may still work, or may have been rendered obsolete by native XF or other addons (unsure)
  • Conversation Manager- this just pretties up conversations a bit like adding what users are in a convo.
  • XenHabla - the "Chat" tab for IRC. Doesn't seem to have been updated for ages, might still work?
  • Post Ratings - premium plugin I purchased, adds the little post ratings rather than basic XF "Like"
  • Donation Manager - premium plugin begla purchased, adds the donation options to the site.
  • Flexile theme - forgot this one first time through as it doesn't count as an addon in the manager, as it is a theme. Possible problem: Noted compatibilities issues with XenPorta as that author doesn't play well with others :(
We don't have more simply because we haven't had the volunteer effort to install them, but there are tons of other cool ones. I know a few suggestions have come up over time so if anybody finds some useful ones post them here! :)
  • Halamix2 suggested BbCodes and Button Manager - this does include a replacement spoiler tag but it differs (spoilerbb instead of spoiler). Also offers LaTeX which I think Skaldarnar asked for at some point - nerd! :geek:
  • We need something for social network integration - we currently have FB and Twitter, although Twitter seems broken (or is that just me?). Maybe this is just a template tweak somewhere with social widgets copy pasted in. Should add at least G+ and Reddit, maybe others?
  • Maybe we should add some more trophies and start handing those out. Probably mostly a humorous thing, like throwing a "janitor" trophy at poor Mike Kienenberger :D
  • There are more OAuth options in the newer Xenforo, maybe we should enable some (login with Google/Steam/Twitter/etc)
  • We could add more rating icons, there are even entire addons that add more


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I think Tag Me is useful, XenHabla still works (I used it on friday in school :D )
Or use the sweeper instead of janitor (from Terry Pratchett books )


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Slight update - XenPorta is unsurprisingly proving tricky to upgrade. On doing a bit more research I suspect it'll end up a dead-end one day, although it may be possible to get its v1.6 working for now.

A promising replacement is the Widget Framework, and maybe even the CTA Featured Threads & Portal - the latter is a paid addon, but the author looks both supportive and responsive, so I wouldn't mind paying for it if needed. It sounds like even just the Widget Framework alone would have potential. In either case we might need to also replace a few other pieces - work work work

Luckily this all is more about the elements of the site wrapping around the forums, which we can keep moving forward with separately (prefixes, organizing threads, etc)