6th birthday! Play test to celebrate on October 7th

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Cervator, Sep 28, 2017.

  1. Cervator

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    Technically we're 6 years and a day plus change at this point, but close enough :)

    Usually we try to celebrate with an event in late September, but my schedule is a little out of whack these days and I'm still poking at a little surprise I'm hoping will be ready in time. We also have our regular monthly play tests now so pushing out the celebration to the regular time that happens, which will be Saturday October 7th at noon eastern US.

    That's also just a couple days before GitHub Universe and then the GSOC Mentor Summit happen over in the Sillicon Valley area, where no less than 4 of us will meet in person :D

    The first in a series of blog posts about the products of GSOC has also been published, on @Nihal Singh's exploration world. With a bit of luck 9 more should follow, focusing on what was done, how to use it, and what's next rather than how the project went during the GSOC period itself.

    We also have a new contributor trying to do a sort of portfolio piece on organizing our sites & documentation topics, including coming up with ideas of what Terasology would mean to different people. Feel free to chip in with the two exercises:
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  2. SuperSnark

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    How did the Mentor Summit go?
  3. Cervator

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    Great! It was awesome meeting the others and both the summit and GitHub Universe were full of useful and interesting stuff. So much of it in fact that I'm still trying to catch up and digest it all, I even have some pending blog posts that relate in case I ever actually manage to build a blog to throw them at :)

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