Alpha 6 prep Saturday, release Sunday, Google Code-In Monday

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  1. Cervator

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    We got into Google Code In for this year after our successful journey through Google Summer Of Code 2016.

    In short GCI is GSOC for pre-university students, target age range 13-18, with much smaller tasks. It is more about introducing students to the idea of open source, be it for coding, artwork, documentation, quality assurance, or just learning about interesting communities like ours.

    Students start being able to pick up tasks this Monday, November 28th. We've got 8 mentors at this point and could use more. The work is easy, expect mostly helping students get set up to run from source, answering simple questions, and so on :)

    In advance of GCI starting I'd like to release Alpha 6 this Sunday, November 27th. To make that happen we need to put in some focus on stabilizing it. The only blocker-level issue is #2594 which keeps our default gameplay template JoshariasSurvival from working properly in multiplayer. I believe @Anthodeus did some initial checking just recently. A much more tricky and pesky issue is #2622 which is an inconsistent block scrambling bug that can ruin worlds. I suspect it'll take more work to figure out and don't want to hold back Alpha 6 for it (could've been active for a long time anyway)

    I'd like to host a test session this coming Saturday November 27th (noon Eastern Time US - added to the calendar), in advance of both GCI and our formally scheduled test session on Saturday Dec 3rd. Goal is less to play for fun and more to hack on code till things work better. Maybe then play for fun :)

    For most those in the US this is also an extended holiday weekend, so I hope a few more than usual will have time to come hang out and maybe even fix a bug or two!
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  2. manu3d

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    That would be 18:00 Central European Time everybody.

    It's a bit tricky for me to attend at that time, but I will be online in the afternoon before that and about 2.5 hours later. I hope I will be able to help.
  3. Cervator

    Cervator Project Lead and Community Wizard Staff Member

    That's fine, duration is set to 4 hours and I should be around before and after that period as well :) Expecting a mix of testing, bug fixing, and GCI prep.

    In other news I updated the non-profit naming thread with a poll, so please go vote! Maybe it'll end in a happier result than other recent elections ;)
  4. Cervator

    Cervator Project Lead and Community Wizard Staff Member

    Yesterday saw a ton of activity although mostly on Slack. Spent most the day preparing fixes for Alpha 6 and tasks for Google Code-In. Didn't actually get the event server up and running, as I found another blocker-level crash bug with MedievalCities.

    Both that new bug and the problem with JoshariasSurvival are now seemingly fixed! The event server is finally up and running for some final exposure and potential testing for anybody up for a round two :)

    After I get back in an hour or two I'll finish up a few more smaller things in advance of releasing Alpha 6 while moving my focus over to final GCI prep.
  5. Cervator

    Cervator Project Lead and Community Wizard Staff Member

    Okay, bunches of testing later we have our Alpha 6 release, huzzah!

    There are some more issues to address, and I have a few more notes to turn into bug reports, right now it is past 3 am and I still have some GCI review and day job stuff to do. Hmm :)

    I added a general GCI page in the wiki - please feel free to enhance it further! Especially pinging @Skaldarnar and @Rostyslav Zatserkovnyi whose test plan tasks I partly wrote that wiki page for, now to go link it and so on.

    The "Official Event Host" server entry is going to stay online for a bit longer, will see how the work goes, it might be handy for testing along with @qwc's servers. I've put the new Alpha 6 release on there running JS in ShatteredPlanes with cheats, soundtrack, and lakes enabled. Nice world too, looks like!

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